The Decision Maker

Data Management Framework - 7 Essential Components

Data Insights - Building a Foundation

Data Insights – Back to the Basics

Manage Your Vendors to Protect Your Brand

Three Factors for Success with Credit Union Data Analytics

The Failure of Nokia: A Lesson about Credit Union Data

Are Credit Unions Missing Out On a Growth Opportunity?

Why Loan Analytics are Key to Your Credit Union's Profitability

The Credit Union Data Analytics Journey: 4 Steps to Success

Do You Know Where Your Report Data Is? Security for Your PCI Reports

Data: The Key to a Successful Card Portfolio

Why Using Data to Understand Membership Trends is Important

Data Use Cases for Credit Unions: Chapter 2

Cooperative Data Analytics Through a Semantic Layer

IMMERSION19 - Top 10 Takeaways

Unlock the Data in your Reports

Using Data to Create a Unique Member Experience

Data Use Cases for Credit Unions: Chapter 1

The CCPA and GDPR: How These Emerging Privacy Laws will Impact the Credit Union Industry: Part II

The CCPA and GDPR: How These Emerging Privacy Laws will Impact the Credit Union Industry: Part I

To Build or Not to Build (Buy) – That is the Question for Credit Unions

The Cost of Building a Data Warehouse for an Analytics Platform

Why Credit Union Digital Transformation Can’t Work Without Credit Union Data Integration

How is Digital Growth and Transformation Vital to my Credit Union?

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2018: Credit Union Data Analytics – Part 2

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2018: Credit Union Data Analytics – Part 1

The Death of the Branch: A Lesson About Credit Union Data

How Data Integration Helps Credit Union Analytics Platforms

Using Big Data to Move Beyond FICO and LTV for Loan Analytics

The Comfort of Data-Driven Analytics Decisions for Your Credit Union

Making the World a More Predictable Place: Which CECL Model is Best for your Credit Union?

Collaboration, CUSOs, and Credit Union Opportunities: Partnering for Advanced Analytics

In the Thick of Disruptive Innovation: Credit Unions and Collaborating for Analytics

A Credit Union Industry Data Lake: Gearing Up for the Future

Giving Credit Unions a Sustainable Competitive Advantage with an Industry Data Lake

Recent Successes With Analytics Across the Credit Union Industry

Summer Intern Perspective: Sports and Data Analytics

Millennials in the House: Leveraging Data about Your Young Members to Attract More

How Credit Unions Can Win the Big Data Play

Collaborating for Analytics and Shared Data Applications with Paul Ablack via CUbroadcast [VIDEO]

Success with Analytics at Our Community Credit Union: The $2.6 Million Man [VIDEO]

Leveraging Data to Create Exceptional Member Experiences at Ideal Credit Union [VIDEO]

5 Reasons You Need to Attend the 2018 Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference

Comparing Credit Unions to Craft Beer: What Can Your Organization Learn from a Brewery?

Data “De-Identification”: The Stairway to Big Data Heaven

4 Challenges and the Opportunity for Credit Unions [Video]

Bitcoin crosses $10k; Bezos’ Net Worth $100B – Why should we care?

Winning with Data: Top Analytics Use Cases for 2017

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2017: Credit Union Big Data and Analytics – Part 2

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2017: Credit Union Big Data and Analytics – Part 1

Big Wins with Data at a Small Credit Union

Why Digital Transformation is Vital for Credit Unions [Video]

Don’t Miss the Boat - Why Credit Unions Need to Digitally Transform Now

Coming up for Credit Unions... Blockchain, Chatbots, AXFI and more with Paul Ablack on CUbroadcast [Video]

Real-Time Analytics and Member Experience with Paul Ablack on CUbroadcast [Video]

Making a Difference with Data at Our Community Credit Union

Why Analytics is a Credit Union Industry Opportunity

Credit Unions and Data Lakes – The Next Wave

Taking Data Analysis at Credit Unions to Another Level with Collaborative Analytics [Video]

Whose Data is it Anyway?

A Day in the Life of a Data Analytics SVP: Making Use of Your Credit Union’s Data

Lagging Contenders: How Credit Unions Can Catch Up in Data and Analytics - Part 2

Lagging Contenders: How Credit Unions Can Catch Up in Data and Analytics - Part 1

CuOS – A Platform for Credit Unions Similar to Apple iOS

What is a Data Lake? - Part 2: Sink or Swim

What is a Data Lake? - Part 1: Testing the Waters

Get Your Game On: Criteria for Evaluating Analytics Tools

Leveraging the Data Advantage

Robo-Analytics: Artificial Intelligence in the Credit Union of the Future

Credit Union Analytics Comes of Age: 9 Essential Guidelines

Spotify Has Acquired Blockchain Technology… How Will the Distributed Ledger Affect your Credit Union?

7 Ways to Make the Most of Credit Union Member Data

Stop Worrying about Millennials, Say Hello to Generation Z: Part 2

Reports of Reporting’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Business Use and ROI of Data Analytics with CUbroadcast at NACUSO [VIDEO]

Building for the Future

Credit Union Service Organizations and Platform Analytics with Paul Ablack

CU Analytics and Collaboration on CUbroadcast at CUNA GAC [VIDEO]

Stop Worrying about Millennials; Say Hello to Generation Z: Part 1

5 Reasons to Pool your Data

Prescriptive Analytics for Credit Unions: Healthcare Style

The Excel Curse and Automation Cure: 3 Reasons to Automate your Data

Big Data vs. Little Data: Part 2 - The Steps to Data Analytics Mastery

Credit Union Cooperation: Google Maps Style

Looking to the Future of Data Warehousing

Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics, Oh My: The CECL Journey

8 Steps to Make Data Analytics Work for You

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2016: Credit Union Big Data and Analytics – Part 2

Top 5 (and 5 most missed) of 2016: Credit Union Big Data and Analytics – Part 1

The Comfort of Data-Driven Decisions

3 Ways Blockchain is Reducing Uncertainty

Cyber Monday: Time to Consider your Cyber Identity

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 2017 Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference

Big Data and Analytics can do some pretty cool things for Credit Unions

Medtronic and Masimo agree to share de-identified patient data to improve patient safety; A lesson for the credit union industry

The Death of the Branch: A Lesson for Credit Unions

The Purpose of Analytics

The Analytics Talent Gap: Why the Middle Matters

How Credit Unions can Achieve Big Data without Big Costs

Global FinTech is on the Rise: Is your Credit Union Ready?

The Power of Truth in Credit Union Analytics

What’s Holding You Back from Being Data-Driven?

The CEO Difference: Why Successful Analytics Programs Start and Continue at the Top

Death, Taxes, and Budgets: 4 Tips Credit Unions Need to Know About Budgeting for Data Analytics

When Life Gives You Data, Make Information

The Power of Semantics in Credit Union Analytics

Latest on Blockchain, AXFI, and … What the Heck is Hadoop? [video]

Let My Information Go: The Glory and Peril of Data Democratization

Big Data vs. Little Data: Part 1 - Structured and Unstructured Data

Top 5 Lessons from the 2016 Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference

Sharpen Collateral Valuation through Data Integration

Defining and Getting Ready for CECL

Financial Landscape Developments: Blockchain’s Impact and FASB’s New CECL Comments

6 Steps to Analytics and the Tools Needed

In Case you Missed it: CBS' 60 Minutes on Banking Disruption

of CUSOs And Big Data

FASB’s New CECL Comments Could be a Worst-of-Both-Worlds Approach

The Fed is Data-Driven; What Drives Your Credit Union?

The Data Imperative: Credit Unions Need to Up Their Data Management Game

Saving Small Credit Unions with Big Data

Fintech Startups and Smartphone Adoption Drive Banks and Credit Unions to Innovate

Why Attracting Millennials Requires Data Analytics

Analytics for CECL: Challenge Creates Opportunity

The Evolution of Credit Unions

A Storm's Brewing: Build Your Data Reserves!

What Keeps Guy Messick Up At Night?

Best of 2015: credit union big data & analytics - part 2

Best of 2015: Credit Union Big Data & Analytics - Part 1


Are credit unions winners in the Payments revolution?

Day 2 Recap: Credit Union Big Data & Analytics Conference

The old way is Dead: Reporting & Analytics for Credit Unions

2nd Annual Credit Union Big Data & Analytics Conference Makes a Splash in Minneapolis

The Data Warehouse is not Enough

Eye on the Prize: Getting to Self-Service Analytics

Data Pooling: Leveraging Your Neighbor’s Data

5 Questions to Ask before Implementing a Big Data & Analytics Solution

CFPB Mortgage Rules: From Compliance to Competency

How will you Avoid Getting “Ubered?” – Credit Union 2016 Strategic Planning

The Dirty Data Debacle

4 Reasons to use Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs)

Ohio Healthcare Federal Credit Union Selects OnApproach M360TM Enterprise for its Big Data/Analytics Solution

Building Member Risk Scores with Data Analytics

Internet of Things: Retail Banking (Bank of Things)

6 Steps to Develop Member-Centric Models

Mobile Payments and Big Data

Having It All: The Keys to Comprehensive Data Capture

Using Big Data & Analytics to Move Beyond FICO and LTV for Loan Decisions

Credit Unions Must Collaborate for Big Data & Analytics

Contact Analytics: Going Beyond the Call Center

Big Data Insights Found in Unexpected Places

The Last Mile: Why a Semantic Layer Matters for Big Data & Analytics

6 Steps To Deliver Omni-Channel Experiences

Big Bang Disruption in the Credit Union Industry

The Digital Revolution: Prepare for the Millennials!

Credit Union Industry Disruption: NACUSO 2015 – Part 2

The Future of Analytics: Predictive Analytics

Credit Union Industry Disruption: NACUSO 2015 – Part 1

Cooperative Analytics: The Standard Data Model

7 Challenges of Implementing a Big Data & Analytics Solution

Fast Fact Friday: Credit Unions & Big Data [Infographic]

What is the ROI of Big Data & Analytics for Credit Unions?

Why Your Members Don’t Need You

Why Analytics Requires Standard Data Sets

Transactional Data: Big Data and the Rise of Payments

6 Steps to Develop a Data-Driven Vision

Credit Unions and Big Data/Analytics [VIDEO]

TopLine Federal Credit Union Joins OnApproach as Newest CUSO Member

DNA of the Credit Union

The Next Big Idea for the Credit Union Industry

3 Big Data and Analytics Lessons for Credit Unions: Parsing the Storm

5 Steps for Making Analytics Work

5 Traits of a Data-Driven Credit Union

The Foundation of Credit Union Excellence

How Credit Unions Can Leverage Big Data [Video]

Internet of Things: Retail Banking (Bank of Things)

Big Data/Analytics: The Curse of the Black Box

Why Attracting Millennials Requires Big Data/Analytics

Analytics Tools: Cultivating the “Data Wilderness”

5 Essential Steps for Effective Dashboards

6 Steps to Build an Analytics-Empowered Alerts Strategy


The “Yin and Yang” of Credit Union Reporting/Analytics Software: 3 Factors to Consider

Best of 2014: Credit Union Big Data/Analytics – Part 1

Understanding Analytics at Your Credit Union

Data Analytics for Personalized Financial Education

Big Data/Analytics Solutions: The Missing Link

3 Ways Community Spurs Advancement within the Credit Union Industry

The Credit Union of the Future

Predictive Analytics Empowers Credit Unions to “Think Globally, Act Locally”

3 Credit Union Trends on Big Data

Lending Clubs: A Threat to Credit Unions

Credit Unions - Are Ready to Play In the Big Data Game?

The “Big Four” vs Credit Unions – A David and Goliath Story

4 Ways “High Tech” meets “High Touch” in Credit Union Big Data/Analytics

Apple Pay vs MCX – Which is better from a customer point of view?

4 Business Processes Being Revolutionized by Big Data & Analytics

A Lesson from Amazon & Uber: How to Transform Data into Your Most Valuable Asset

Budgeting for Credit Union Big Data/Analytics

3 Credit Union Pain Points and Their Big Data/Analytics Solutions

Is Your Credit Union Ready for Big Data & Analytics?

5 Steps to Form an Analytics Strategy

5 Reason to use Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs)

“I Know It When I See It” - 3 Essentials for Effective Business Intelligence Requirements

4 Reasons for a Scalable Data Warehouse

The REAL Opportunity of Credit Union Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and the Credit Union Movement


How Credit Unions Should Architect their Data Warehouse

Is Your Data Being All That It Can Be?

How Business Analytics Improves Data Quality

Apple Pay – A Heads Up for Credit Unions

The Recommendation Engine: Using Big Data to Improve Mobile Banking Applications

Amazon Established a Strong, Loyal Customer Base... Credit Unions can too with their Members

Moving Toward Multi-Channel: The Necessary First Step

3 Ways Business Analytics Cultivate Cooperative Culture: An Example From Retail Mortgage Lending

Big Data and Mobile Payments

Defining a Member: Helping Credit Unions Identify Their Members

Starting the Business Intelligence Journey

7 Ways Business Intelligence Professionals Mitigate Data Warehouse Risks

The Cost of Cheap Spreadsheets

3 Steps to Build Business Analytics in Mortgage Lending

7 Challenges to Consider when Building a Data Warehouse

How can Return on Investment from Mobile Banking be Measured?

This Bank Understands the Importance of Data

Believers at the Top

Existence of Information Silos May Reveal How You Value Data: Top 5 Reasons to Remove Data Silos

Buzz Off: Big Data Moves from Hype to Reality

The Hidden Resource Waster

Report from the Frontier

Amazon vs Borders: A Lesson for Credit Unions

Getting the Right Information at the Right Time

Improving Data: What questions should we be asking ourselves?

9 Analytics Predictions for 2014

Big Data Beyond Business Intelligence: Rise Of The MBAs

The Unstoppable Evolution of Loyalty: Big data and personalized offers are transforming the way companies reward their customers

Amazon vs Borders: A Lesson for Credit Unions

Preparing for Game Day

Data Warehousing for Community Financial Institutions: Three Necessary Components

Get the Analytics Part Right

The Perception Problem

Reducing the Risk in Risk Management

Know Thy Member And Be Glad

Using Analytics for Decision Making – Six Critical Steps

Are You An Effective Non-Quant?

Big Data Backlash

The Big Data Organization

Big Data and the CFO

Planning for Big Data

Elements of the Platform – Part 3

Elements of the Platform – Part 2

Elements of the Platform – Part 1

Moving Toward Big Data Breakaway

All of the Data

Green Jacket, Big Data

Waiting with the Majority

Big Data Success Principles

Step Three

Are You an Analytical Innovator?

Seeing the Wallet

Think Small Data

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What’s In Those Silos?

And You Thought Only 3 Ring Binders Can Gather Dust…

Data, Data, Everywhere , Nor Any To Help Me Think

Getting Big Data

Grafting Onto the Tree

The Chosen Few

Getting Intuit

Wanted: Big Judgment for Big Data

Lipstick on a Pig: Replicating the Legacy Report

Building the Data Analysis Army

Developing an Analytics-Savvy Organization

Proctor and & Gamble: Creating the Right Analytics Environment

Championing a Data-Driven Culture

Sharpen the Saw: Keeping Up with Analytics Innovations

The Gap is Widening – Part 2

The Gap is Widening

Big Data: An Elephant in Your Room?

Is Your Loan Pipeline a Black Box?

The Superman Myth

Decision Support Didn’t Go Out With Disco

Confessions of the Analysis Guy

Are You in the Feedback Loop?

Guest Players

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain! Or Why You Should Care About Data Quality For Reporting And Analytics Applications


Credit Unions: Unlocking the Revenue Potential in Existing Data