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Collaborating for Analytics and Shared Data Applications with Paul Ablack via CUbroadcast [VIDEO]

Posted by Mark Portz on Jun 29, 2018 3:16:00 PM

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Paul Ablack, CEO, OnApproach, had the chance to catch up with Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast last week at the NAFCU 51st Annual Conference & Solutions Expo. The conversation covers topics from evolution of A.I., digital transformation, a collaborative data lake for the credit union industry, platform analytics, data encryption, cyber security, peer benchmarking, and shared applications on the CU App Store community.  

As a part of the discussion, Paul Ablack explained the progress of the collaborative online analytics marketplace, the CU App Store. In the conversation, Paul explains that, "[OnApproach is] going to build a community around the CU App Store, where credit unions can come in, they can contribute content, and they can comment on the content. Let's say someone puts a really good marketing segmentation report [on the CU App Store], others can build on it, can make it better, they can comment, and place reviews.

We are working on a householding algorithm that will be available to anyone on the platform. So now [credit unions] will be able to household on their own, and choose different variables, so that will be the kind of apps we expect to see more of. And these are actually - a lot of them are being developed by credit unions. So we're actually asking the credit unions to start contributing in, and then use this as a forum to communicate with each other on how to make things better. And we've also seen partners coming in more now too. A good example is Information Builders. They are building these apps that can be downloaded and installed and they're based on solving specific business problems for the credit union

Learn more about the CU App Store by watching the video below:


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The Collaborative Analytics Ecosystem for Credit Unions - Watch the Video

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