Mixed Results for Future of Data Analytics in Credit Unions: 2018 Mid-Year Credit Union Data Analytics Survey Reveals Surprising Trends

Posted by Mark Portz on Nov 12, 2018 2:00:01 PM

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Minneapolis, MN (November 12, 2018) – OnApproach and Best Innovation Group, Inc, an innovation catalyst and strategic consulting partner focused on strengthening and growing credit unions recently released the results of their semi-annual Data Analytics Survey. The results provide a state of the industry update regarding data analytics and adoption at credit unions. The survey is intended to help credit unions gain a deeper understanding of industry trends regarding data and digital strategies.

The original results of the 1st National Survey on Data Analytics and Decisioning Trends in the Credit Union Industry were published in early 2018 and the updated survey was open July and August of this year. A few key takeaways from the survey reveal that:

    • One-third of credit unions responding have holistically embraced data as strategically important.
    • One-third are moving forward slowly on a more departmental or project-by-project basis.
    • One-third do not view data as important to their business strategy.
 Kirk Kordeleski, Senior Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer at BIG Consulting was pleased at how open the respondents were about the state of analytics in their organizations. “BIG’s survey revealed that only 10% of credit unions believe they are on an equal playing field with their banking and Fintech competition regarding their all-important data strategy. Ninety percent are 2 or more years behind what they feel is the industry benchmark.”

While more than 60% of respondents indicate that they have, or are implementing, data analytics products, 65% admit they have neither a roadmap nor a strategy regarding the use of data analytics in their organizations. This is a troubling revelation for credit union advocates like Kordeleski, because it means organizations are investing in products with no clear path to value.

Jeremey Sterner, VP of Information Technology at Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union, was one of the survey respondents who disclosed his name and agreed to share his thoughts. “I would consider us a data aware organization,” he offers. “Data analytics is a major part of our strategic discussion. We recognize that we have reached a point where a data warehouse is a necessity. Continuing to build out our own solution does not make sense for us, anymore. We are in the beginning stages of developing a data analytics roadmap that will lay out our journey to become a data-driven organization.” 

“The biggest challenge for credit unions is that data analytics ROI can take time to realize,” Sterner continued. “Rather than just looking at the ROI, I look at the end game. It’s clear we need to use our data to be competitive. The reality is it's an evolving process, so there really isn’t a finish line. We just need to start.”

View the analysis of the survey here:

Fall 2018 Semi-Annual Credit Union Industry Survey Report

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