OnApproach and Best Innovation Group Publish Results of 1st National Survey on Data Analytic and Decisioning Trends in the Credit Union Industry

Posted by Mark Portz on Feb 15, 2018 12:08:00 PM

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Minneapolis, MN (February 15, 2018) – OnApproach (, the leading provider of big data and analytics solutions for credit unions, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Best Innovation Group (BIG), a strategic consulting partner to the industry, to conduct an extensive data analytics and strategy survey for the credit union industry.

The survey is intended to help credit unions gain a deeper understanding of industry trends regarding data and digital strategies. With responses from 85 credit unions and questions covering topics ranging from analytics budgets to strategies and timelines, the survey provides a comprehensive look at the state of analytics across credit unions. Looking forward, the survey will be conducted and published semi-annually to help credit unions benchmark and trend industry progress.  

“Credit Unions have advantages in this competitive battle waged around growing pools of data; they have more centralized systems, the ability to cooperate for scale and the members interest at heart, but they are behind the curve in data analytics and need to embrace the concepts and strategies to more effectively compete in the future,” said Kirk Kordeleski, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Managing Partner, Best Innovation Group. “Our goal is to educate the industry, and ultimately encourage credit unions to continue thinking about, and preparing for,the future.”

“A proper data strategy is imperative for credit unions today. The traditional business model of the community financial institution is quickly evolving, and those organizations that do not adapt quickly will be left behind. Credit unions need to be thinking about and actively executing effective data strategies. We are proud to help to produce this survey, and we look forward to the progress it will catalyze across the industry,” said Paul Ablack, CEO, OnApproach.

View the complete survey results: 

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About OnApproach

OnApproach is the only CUSO dedicated to credit union success through a collaborative analytics ecosystem. By providing a secure and frictionless data experience, OnApproach empowers credit unions to take full control of their own data and their own futures. We exist to serve the credit union movement with technology and expertise required for the digital transformation of the industry business model. OnApproach’s collaborative ecosystem enables communities of users, data scientists, and application developers focused on analytics innovation.

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Austin Wentzlaff, Vice President of Business Development 

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About Best Innovation Group (BIG)

Best Innovation Group, Inc is a technology innovation and development company catering to the financial industry.  We invite you to join the hundreds of financial institutions that have already worked with our team of experts in designing technology solutions to fit their growing needs.

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Kirk Kordeleski, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Managing Partner


View the Survey Results - 1st National Survey on Data Analytic and Decision Trends in the Credit Union Industry

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