OnApproach and Deep Future Analytics to Host Live, Complimentary Webinar

Posted by Austin Wentzlaff on Oct 14, 2014 4:50:45 PM

Plymouth, MN (July 2, 2014)—Deep Future Analytics, LLC in partnership with OnApproach, LLC, a leading provider of reporting and analytics solutions to credit unions, announced today that they will be hosting a live, complimentary webinar titled “How to Grow Your Portfolio and Increase Net Margin: Loan Pricing based on a Lifetime Profitability Forecast” on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT. The webinar will offer expert advice from Dr. Joseph Breeden, a recognized expert in predictive loan analytics and modeling, and author of Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics.

“Increased competition for loans and deposits, regulatory pressures, and margin compression have been consistent themes for credit unions over the last few years. While loan portfolio volumes have rebounded recently, the yields on those loans have not. Credit unions, in some cases, have taken on more credit and interest rate risk in an attempt to maintain net margin.”

The Informative webinar will specifically cover:

  • New risk modeling techniques that create a repeatable process to identify specific loan segments that offer credit unions the opportunity to add volume and increase net margin.

For more information, contact Anne Searle at 763-557-71185 or visit To register for the webinar, click here: Space is limited.

About Dr. Joseph Breeden
Dr. Joseph Breeden, is a recognized expert in predictive loan analytics and modeling. His work on the subject includes having published dozens of academic papers while working with retail lenders in Asia, Europe and the US for the past 20 years. Dr. Breeden is COO and Chief Scientist of Deep Future Analytics, LLC, a CUSO formed by Denali Analytics, LLC (a subsidiary of Denali Alaskan FCU) and Dr. Breeden’s firm, Prescient Models, LLC.

About OnApproach

OnApproach is a CUSO that focuses on providing credit unions with the power to use data as a competitive advantage both independently and cooperatively. With OnApproach, credit unions can now harness the value of Big Data through integration and predictive analytics. This deeper understanding of data allows credit unions to discover vital trends in member behavior, resulting in improved financial performance, reduced risk, and enriched relationships with members.

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