OnApproach Releases Version 3.0 of its OnApproach M360™

Posted by Austin Wentzlaff on Oct 14, 2014 5:21:28 PM

Plymouth, MN (October 8, 2014) – OnApproach (, a leading provider of reporting and analytics solutions for credit unions, is pleased to announce the next major release of OnApproach M360™.


OnApproach is fully committed to providing credit unions with the leading industry standard for data integration and reporting and analytics solutions.  With the OnApproach M360™ standard data platform, credit unions have an opportunity to share reports and applications with each other, greatly reducing the resources needed to integrate data from disparate sources and execute a Big Data and Analytics initiative. 

Now in its third upgrade, OnApproach M360™ 3.0 delivers an extensive array of new data to the user, enabling a higher level of strategic and data-driven decision-making.  This release includes two new data marts in which reports and analytics can be generated from joint account and loan application data. This data gives credit unions new insight into their lending process by giving them a more complete risk profile of the member, and the ability to generate reporting on loan originations and applications.

OnApproach is building a Big Data and Analytics Ecosystem for credit unions that will allow them to gain efficiencies, leverage the full potential of their data, and collectively share reports, dashboards, and applications with other credit unions.  A crucial part of this ecosystem is the OnApproach Applications Store.  When a report or application is built by or for a credit union, all other participating OnApproach M360™ credit unions could gain access to it.  The OnApproach M360™ 3.0 update includes new data elements enabling credit unions to interface with applications included in the OnApproach Applications store. As a result, credit unions can instantly and effortlessly benefit by using others’ reports and applications shared in the OnApproach Application Store.

As stated by OnApproach Founder and CEO, Paul Ablack, “OnApproach is completely dedicated to providing credit unions with access to enhanced technology, reports, and applications so they can focus their energy on utilizing a Big Data and Analytics initiative to better serve their members and to promote optimal business operations.”

About OnApproach

OnApproach is a Credit Union Service Organization that focuses on providing credit unions with the power to use data as a competitive advantage both independently and cooperatively.  With OnApproach, credit unions can now harness the value of Big Data through integration and predictive analytics.  This deeper understanding of data allows credit unions to discover vital trends in member behavior, resulting in improved financial performance, reduced risk, and enriched relationships with members.

Contact Information

Paul Ablack, President/CEO

OnApproach, LLC

(763) 557-7118

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