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Michael Cochrum

Michael has worked in the consumer lending industry since 1989. In 1999, he joined the credit union industry, working for the Texas Credit Union League’s credit union. Mr. Cochrum joined CU Direct Corporation in 2004, helping to create the largest CU retail Point of Purchase lending network in the US. He currently heads up the CU Direct’s Advisory Services offering consulting to credit unions in the areas of operational efficiencies and analytics. Michael is a 2004 graduate of the Southwest CUNA Management School and in addition to his management and leadership experience, his lending background includes loan originations, collections and recovery, and risk management.

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Building for the Future

Posted by Michael Cochrum on Apr 5, 2017 11:15:00 AM

When my brother and I were kids, we liked to build things. We built forts, ramps and anything else we could fashion out of scrap wood.  Typically, our projects served a specific function, to ward off rival “street gangs” of preteens from another block, to propel our dirt bikes into the air, or whatever else we decided could or would result in our becoming temporarily disabled.  We thought we were good builders, but the greatest evidence that we were not, is that our work does not exist in any form today.

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